Valerin Forte x 15 tablets, insomnia cures, how to cure insomnia


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  • Insomnia cures, how to cure insomnia. Indications for use Valerin Forte are: emotional arousal and tension, difficulty in falling asleep, state of accelerated beating of the heart, in the alternative in the gastro-intestinal nervosa.

One coated tablet contains 200 mg dry extract of valerian root, ethanol 70%, and excipients including lactose monohydrate and sucrose, potato starch, mannitol, magnesium stearate, sodium lauryl sulfate, colloidal silica. Indications : - emotional arousal and tension - difficulty in falling asleep - states accelerated heart beat - in the alternative in the gastro-intestinal nervosa Dosage: As a sedative: 3 times a day 1-2 tablets in difficulty falling asleep: 2-3 tablets half an hour before bedtime