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Valerin soft x 30 tablets, how to fall asleep instantly


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  • How to fall asleep instantly. The product is indicated in nervous tension and anxiety, and difficulty in falling asleep.

- an extract of the herb lemon balm 100 mg
- extract of gentian root 22.5 mg
- Magnesium 30 mg Other Ingredients: Sugar, dry extract of the herb lemon balm, rice starch, talc (glazing agent), magnesium oxide, microcrystalline cellulose (bulking agent ), mannitol (bulking agent), dry extract of gentian root, polyvinylpyrrolidone (binder), di-calcium phosphate (filler), gum arabic (thickener), silicon dioxide (anti-caking agent), magnesium stearate (glazing agent), bronze HT (dye), carnauba wax (glazing agent). Action: Extract from the plant valerian root contains compounds active sedative and facilitating falling asleep. Thanks to the magnesium compound complements the deficiency of magnesium in the body. Indications: - states of nervous tension and anxiety - difficulty sleeping Magnesium reduces the excitability of nervous - muscular and has a calming effect.Usage: reassuringly: adults: 1-2 coated tablets three times a day, children over 6 years of age 1 pill 3 times a day. the difficulty falling asleep half an hour before going to bed: adults 2 dragees, children over 6 years of age - 1 pill.