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VARICYLUM active care ointment 1000 g legs feel heavy

Pharma Liebermann GmbH

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Varicylum® aktiv care ointment, legs feel heavy

Varicylum® aktiv is a special care ointment with well-proven herbal ingredients.

The special composition of Varicylum® aktiv care ointment supports the blood circulation in the skin and the areas below it. This activates metabolic processes and at the same time promotes the body's own repair mechanisms. Painful consequences of tissue damage (e.g. sports injuries) can be alleviated in this way and their regeneration accelerated. In addition, the proven ingredients contribute to the stability and function of the veins and help relieve the legs.

Varicylum® aktiv care ointment, legs feel heavy COMPOSITION:
Extracts from arnica, horse chestnut, witch hazel, sage, chamomile as well as allantoin, camphor and thymol in a cooling ointment base.

Varicylum® aktiv care ointment, legs feel heavy POSSIBILITIES
OF APPLICATION Varicylum® aktiv care ointment is ideally suited

• For relieving swollen, tired and heavy legs
• For accompanying care for venous congestion, such as slight varicose veins
• For preventing vein problems, eg when sitting for a long time, when traveling etc.
• After sport or physical activity Exertion, massaging in the care ointment can promote blood flow to the skin and the underlying tissue and thus prevent overuse problems.
• To support the natural repair mechanisms in sports injuries, such as. Eg bruises, bruises, it is advisable to use Varicylum® active care ointment - applied thickly on the back of the knife - overnight as an ointment bandage.