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VARIXINAL x 60 tablets, circulatory disorders


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  • Circulatory disorders. Varixinal is a dietary supplement based on natural plant extracts that will help you fight the feeling of tiredness and heaviness of legs caused by circulatory disorders in the lower limbs.

Ascorbic acid, hesperidin complex, carrier - dicalcium phosphate, Rucus aculeatuas (powder extract), filler - microcrystalline cellulose, carboxymethyl cellulose , soy fiber, surface-active substance - hydroxypropyl methylcellulose, corn starch, bulking agent - sorbitol, Vaccinium myrtillus (powdered extract).

Horse chestnut extract, thanks to the escin contained in it, strengthens blood vessels and eliminates the feeling of heavy legs, and the blueberry extract will strengthen the vessels, helping to maintain their correct elasticity. The addition of the Asian plant of Gotu kola and the barb of the spine will support the physiological circulation in the limbs, and the rake will help eliminate the swelling. The enrichment of the composition with hesperidin and vitamin C, which limit the permeability of capillaries, will favorably affect the blood supply to the lower limbs.

Dietary supplement Varixinal recommended to people with a feeling of heaviness and tiredness of legs resulting from circulatory disorders in the lower limbs.

Additional information: The
product contains soy derivatives.
1 tablet contains extracts from chestnut (extract 166,7mg, Acescin's equivalent - 33.3mg) - 1000mg; barbatus (extract 4/1 - 200,0mg) - 800mg; bilberry blueberries (100/1 extract - 2.0mg) - 200mg; Asian whites (extract 4/1 - 25.0 mg) - 100mg; vitamin C - 250mg; hesperidin - 100mg

Directions for use:
Take 1 tablet a day orally.

The diet supplement can not be used as a substitute for a varied diet and a healthy lifestyle. Protect against moisture and sunlight. Keep the product out of the reach of small children, at room temperature.