VeaVet WundEx Spray 20 ml for cats, humans and animals

cdVet Natural Products GmbH

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VeaVet WundEx Spray for cats, humans and animals

WundEx Spray (formerly Wund-Ex forte Spray)
Natural care product for aftercare of wound areas

cdVet WundEx Spray is a natural product for the special care of skin sensitive areas. Due to its caring and well-tolerated properties, it is also particularly suitable for sensitive skin. Due to the odor, WundEx Spray often reduces the desire to leak in stressed areas of the skin and supplies stressed skin with natural minerals and essential fatty acids and contributes to the health of the skin as a result of care.

VeaVet WundEx Spray for cats, humans and animals Composition:
Aqua + energy, mineral complex, glycerine, catatinexcomplex, essential oil complex, almond oil, sea buckthorn oil, mumijo. Recommendation for

VeaVet WundEx Spray for cats, humans and animals use:
spray against the line of fur and massage in lightly if necessary.

The product is tea tree oil free and therefore also suitable for cats.
For humans and animals, of course.
Shake before use!
Avoid eye contact!