Venal Spray for tired legs and varicose veins treatment 115ml


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  • Venal Spray on tired legs and varicose veins treatment have anti-eclampsia and anti-inflammatory. Strengthens blood vessels (protecting against breakage). Venal improves microcirculation and reduces leg fatigue.

Venal Composition:
Aqua (modified mineral water solution: bicarbonate - chloride - sodium - bromide - iodide - boron from Rabka SA), Aescus Hippacastanum Extrakt, Ginko Biloba Extrakt, Arnica Montana Flower Extra, Menthol, DMDM ​​Hydantoin.

Action Venal:
Venal Spray for tired legs and varicose veins is a product characterized by the content of micronutrients and biopersectives (coming from the healing mineral water of the Rabka Spa) active chestnut extract, ginkgo biloba and arnica mountain. Thanks to these components, the spray effectively seals the capillary walls. Clearly limits their tendency to crack. Exceptional chemical composition (especially iodine and sodium bicarbonate, sodium chloride and metaboric acid) is purifying. It fights microbes and relieves inflammation. It exhibits antioxidant properties and protects against the harmful effects of free radicals. Venal Spray for tired legs and varicose veins for improving circulation and relieving swelling. Removes the feeling of fatigue and heaviness of the lower limbs.

- Hypersensitivity to the components of the preparation

The preparation is recommended to be used to care for and reduce leg problems characteristic of edema, fatigue or varicose veins.

Use externally. Apply spray on the skin of the legs, repeating the action several times a day.