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VENENTABS-ratiopharm prolonged-release tablets 50 pc

ratiopharm GmbH

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VENENTABS-ratiopharm® prolonged-release tablets

Active ingredient: dry extract from horse chestnut seeds

VENENTABS-ratiopharm Areas of application:
Treatment of complaints in diseases of the leg veins, eg pain and heaviness in the legs, nocturnal leg cramps, itching and leg swelling.

VENENTABS Advice for the patient:
Further measures prescribed by the doctor, such as wrapping the legs, wearing support stockings or cold water showers, should be strictly observed.
If you suddenly experience unusually severe symptoms, especially in one leg, which are noticeable in the form of swelling, discoloration of the skin, a feeling of tension or heat as well as pain, a doctor should be consulted immediately, as these symptoms can be signs of a serious illness (leg vein thrombosis).