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VENORUTON 300 legs feel heavy, heavy aching legs

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Venoruton 300 legs feel heavy, heavy aching legs hard capsules

Pack size:100 pc Dosage form:Hard capsules
300 mg hard capsule Poly (O-2-hydroxyethyl) rutoside

13 million Germans suffer from venous insufficiency * - and only 50% of those affected are aware of it. If the veins are mildly weak, the leg veins no longer transport blood to the heart as effectively as they did before. Even in its mild form, this disease is accompanied by the appearance of varicose veins and a feeling of heavy legs. In the mild form of the disease, this does not pose a major health problem, but annoying symptoms such as swollen legs, tingling and itchy legs and ankles, diffuse leg pain and nocturnal calf cramps affect the quality of life every day. Venoruton ®Treats venous disorders: It promotes blood circulation, reduces pain and swelling in the ankles and legs, relieves symptoms such as a feeling of tightness and tingling, and helps against the feeling of heaviness in the legs.

• Strengthens and stabilizes the vascular walls
• Reduces edema and swelling

Improves microcirculation in the legs VENORUTON HELPS
WITH VEIN WEAKNESS ® regulates the fluid in the weakened venoruton can escape from the fine vessels into the surrounding tissue.
• Edema and swelling can be reduced
• In addition, microcirculation is promoted.

RECOMMENDED for legs feel heavy, heavy aching legs USE
Take one hard capsule Venoruton legs feel heavy, heavy aching legs 300mg 3 times a day during or immediately after meals with a little liquid.

Pregnancy, age, heredity, hormonal disorders and changes, too little exercise, standing too much at work: many factors can promote the development of venous insufficiency. The following things should be avoided to counteract the development of leg vein diseases:
• Too little exercise, long periods of sitting or standing
• Legs that are too tight and shoes with heels
that are too high • Obesity, alcohol and tobacco
• Taking oral contraceptives (pill)
• Sunbathing for too long and baths that are too hot
• Constipation in the digestive tract. Eat more vegetables and carbohydrates and drink 2 liters of water daily.

Venoruton ® for legs feel heavy, heavy aching legs can help with the onset of venous problems - and in combination with compression therapy, it can produce a synergistic effect. Ask your doctor or pharmacist!

FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS for legs feel heavy, heavy aching legs & ANSWERS

How long should Venoruton ® be for legs feel heavy, heavy aching legs taken?
The duration of the intake depends on the symptoms. In principle, there is no time limit on the duration of use. If the symptoms persist, the treatment can be continued over a longer period after consultation with a doctor.

When should I not take for legs feel heavy, heavy aching legs Venoruton ® ?
If you have leg edema caused by liver, kidney or heart disease, you should not take Venoruton ® Intens, as it has not been proven to be effective in these areas of application.

What should I do if I accidentally take too much for legs feel heavy, heavy aching legs Venoruton ® ?
There are no known cases of poisoning with Venoruton Intens, so no action is required.

What do I do if I forget to take for legs feel heavy, heavy aching legs Venoruton ® ?
Do not take a double dose to make up for a forgotten dose.

* Guideline S2 of the Varikose AWMF Register ** BMI Health - Diseases of the Veins, accessed April 8, 2021

Venoruton 300; 300 mg for legs feel heavy, heavy aching legs hard capsule poly (O-2-hydroxyethyl) rutoside Areas of application: For complaints as a result of diseases of the leg veins (chronic venous insufficiency): Treatment of leg swelling (edema) and relief of heavy, tired legs, feelings of tension and tingling.

For legs feel heavy, heavy aching legs information on risks and side effects, read the package insert and ask your doctor or pharmacist.