VENOSTASIN fresh spray 75 ml sorry, UK only, for beautiful, refreshed legs

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Venostasin ® fresh cooling spray
for beautiful, refreshed legs

Temperatures are rising and life is getting easy: it's finally summer! But especially on hot, humid days, lower legs, calves or feet often feel swollen and heavy. If you are not at the sea or can dangle your legs in the cool water of a swimming pool, this cooling spray from the pharmacy should now be part of your daypack.

Your freshness kick for heavy legs and feet, for beautiful, refreshed legs

It's there just in time for the summer vacation: Venostasin fresh. The new leg cooling spray has a double effect: it refreshes and cools heavy and swollen legs and feet on hot summer days. In the practical handbag format, you can also take it with you everywhere: for a morning workout, to the office, shopping after work or to the long-awaited festival weekend.

VENOSTASIN fresh spray Summer can come with this cooling spray! for beautiful, refreshed legs

Venostasin fresh: Heat-free for beautiful legs Simply sprayed on and absorbed quickly, the new, cooling spray from Venostasin gives your legs the feeling of freshness in no time. This ensures pleasant lightness and summer-fresh skin. Enjoy your own personal kick of freshness - no matter where, no matter when.