Verdin FIX x 40 sachets, digestive system problems

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  • Verdin FIX natural product that is beneficial for digestion. It stimulates the production of bile and acts as a laxative. It increases appetite and stimulates metabolism. Relieves digestive disorders, eg. Constipation.

herb mint - 2,40g, the fruit of coriander - 2,40g, the fruit of cumin - 1,20g, rosehip, lemongrass leaf, leaf green tea, licorice root, dandelion root

Verdin FIX has the form of herbal tea to be drinking. It consists of a set of unique herbs that are known for their properties responsible for supporting the work of the digestive organs, especially the intestines and liver. Contribute to reducing digestive discomfort. Licorice root regenerates irritated mucous membranes of the stomach. This contributes to faster healing of gastric and duodenal ulcers. It protects the liver cells. Herb peppermint responsible for relaxation of smooth muscles of the gastrointestinal tract. It stimulates the production of bile. Shows carminative properties. Fruit cumin work cholagogue. Aids digestion and improves appetite. Leaf green tea stimulates the metabolism. Dandelion root acts as a laxative and diuretic. Verdin FIX restricts, among others, symptoms of disorders of the liver and gall bladder.

- allergic to the ingredients of the product

tea should be taken in case of digestive discomfort (eg associated. With overeating), reveals the feeling of fullness, bloating.

How to use:
Apply orally. Take 1-4 cups of tea after eating.