VERINTEX internally mixture 50 ml plantar warts, warts, juvenile warts

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VERINTEX spag.Peka internally mixture, plantar warts, warts, juvenile warts

Areas of application
Registered homeopathic medicinal product, therefore no therapeutic indication is given. Medical advice should be sought if symptoms persist during use.

Plantar warts, warts, juvenile warts Internal dosage:

Unless otherwise prescribed: In acute conditions, take 5 drops in a little water every half to full hour, no more than 6 times a day. Use for more than a week should only be done after consulting a homeopathically experienced therapist. In chronic forms, take 5 drops 1 to 3 times a day in a little water. If the symptoms improve, the frequency should be reduced.

5 drops contain 0.02 g of alcohol.

Plantar warts, warts, juvenile warts Active ingredients

  • 150 mg Acidum nitricum D4
  • 115 mg Stibium sulfuratum nigrum D9
  • 145 mg Causticum Hahnemanni D6
  • 125 mg Clematis recta D2
  • 115 mg Ranunculus bulbosus D6
  • 130 mg Fumaria officinalis-spag. Peka mother tincture
  • 110 mg glechoma hederacea-spag. Peka mother tincture
  • 110 mg Taraxacum officinale-spag. Peka mother tincture

Plantar warts, warts, juvenile warts Auxiliary materials

  • Ethanol

Plantar warts, warts, juvenile warts Homeotherapeutic profile of action:
Anacardium orientale, the homeopathic nerve remedy, has, in relation to the skin, the reliable indication against erysipelas, herpes and wart formation and perhaps the viral infection is in a certain connection with a pronounced neurasthenia, or an inactive intestinal situation, which ultimately leads to a toxic blood congestion.

Ruta graveolens, which is also used in ointments in biological medicine, acts as a remedy for ligaments, sores, tendons, connected with venous congestion.

Here she clarifies the environment of the more or less hyperkeratotic epidermal growths, warts, which are triggered by a viral infection.

Anagallis arvensis is another important component of the complex.

It is also a proven wart remedy in the external area and has the recognized ability to soften meat, whereupon the benefits of all other components of the preparation can develop more easily.

It is possible to use the drops on problem areas of the body and face without damage.

Chelidonium has historical confirmation against wart formation.

There must be a relationship to the liver metabolism or its detoxification power, because these infections appear to occur more easily when the liver is negatively affected and the virus is unable to overcome it.

The ubiquitous spring plant Euphorbium cyparissias, which is traditionally used against skin proliferation such as warts, has a milky sap that is irritating to the skin.

An anti-inflammatory effect also protects the environment from damage.

Thymus vulgaris develops against warts with great, deep disinfectant effectiveness.

Aromatic herbs are able to develop strong antiseptic effects, kill bacteria and viruses.

Incidentally, the thymol from thyme has long been considered the most powerful bactericide.

It's stronger than phenol and has a safe effect on clearing away the efflorescences known as warts.

Name: VERR (ucae), EX (tern) = external warts

plantar warts, warts, juvenile warts

Method of Plantar warts, warts, juvenile warts application: Dab the affected areas several times a day.