VERNIKABON syrup, honey and herbal 130g sugar, digestive system diseases


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  • VERNIKABON is a preparation in the form of syrup, honey and herb, the use of which can aid the digestive process and in accordance with the standard bowel function in people infected with intestinal parasites for digestive system diseases.

VERNIKABON syrup Ingredients:
4 teaspoons of syrup contain 900 mg of an aqueous extract of nigella seeds, and 610 mg of water extracts of: cloves, caraway fruit, thyme herb, fruit, coriander, mint leaf and lemon peel, 240 mg extr. rose fruit, 19.2 mg of honey, potassium sorbate - a preservative.

Action VERNIKABON syrup:
The preparation belongs to the broad category of complex, herbal remedies for dietary intended for oral use. It contains ingredients exhibit responsible for normalizing the digestive process and intestinal function in people infected with intestinal parasites.

VERNIKABON syrup Indications:
Use to assist digestion in people infected with intestinal parasites.

Dosage VERNIKABON syrup:
Use orally at a dose of 1-2 teaspoons x 2/24 hours a week. At this time, do week break, and then once again take the preparation for the next seven days.