VEROVAL Hypothyroidism test x 1 piece


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VEROVAL Hypothyroidism test. The Veroval test for hypothyroidism allows you to perform a blood test for TSH at home. The test is very simple to use, characterized by high accuracy and sensitivity.

The Veroval Hypothyroidism Test kit includes:

Test cassette in a plastic bag - 1 item, transfer pipette for sample collection and donation - 1 item, buffer vessel for sample dilution - 1 item, automatic lancets with a sterile scalpel for collecting a blood sample - 2 items (1 replacement), glass capillary tube in a protective vessel - 1 pc, alcohol swab - 1 pc, plaster - 1 pc, instructions for use - 1 pc.

Action Veroval Test for hypothyroidism:

You notice disturbing symptoms that may indicate that something bad is happening to your thyroid gland, e.g. weight gain, fatigue, lethargy. Take a quick home test for your blood TSH level. You will carry out your Veroval test for hypothyroidism in a few minutes, and you will wait just 10 minutes for the result. The product has an accuracy of 95%, a specificity of 95% and a sensitivity of 96%.

Medical device Veroval Test for hypothyroidism intended for home use to check the level of TSH in the blood.

Additional information: The product should be kept out of reach of children at room temperature. Protect against sunlight, moisture and cold. Do not freeze. Avoid contact of the vessel with the dilution buffer with skin and eyes. Disposable product. No element in the package is suitable for consumption. Increased TSH in people over 60, as well as in women during pregnancy does not necessarily mean hypothyroidism, but the result should be discussed with your doctor.

How to use the Veroval Test for Hypothyroidism:

For external use. After opening the pouch, take the test immediately. A detailed description of the test can be found in the operating instructions included in the package. Massage the index finger for a moment, wipe with an alcohol swab, wait until it dries. Using a lancing device, prick your fingertip, collect blood into the capillary tube (full). Place the tube in a container with sample dilution buffer, close with a lid, shake several times to completely mix the blood with the solution. When the liquid has drained to the bottom of the dish, open the lid. Using a pipette, take a few drops of the finished solution, carefully apply three drops to the round field of the test cassette. Wait 10 minutes, do not touch or move the test cassette during this time. Read the result after 10 minutes. After 15 minutes of applying the sample to the test field, the result may be false positive. Interpretation of the result: a light or dark red line appears in the control field (C) and in the test field (T) - positive, TSH above 5mcIU / mL; a light or dark red line appears only in the control field (C) - negative, TSH below 5mcIU / mL. The test is invalid if no line appears in the control field. Regardless of the result, it is recommended to consult a doctor.