Vibrocil nose drops 15ml


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This medicine is available without a prescription, but it should be used exactly as shown, the best results.

- Keep this leaflet You may need to read it.

- If you want more information or advice, ask your pharmacist.

- If symptoms worsen or do not improve within 5-7 days, you should seek medical advice.


  1. What is Vibrocil is and what it is used for
  2. Before you Vibrocil
  3. How Vibrocil
  4. Possible side effects
  5. Vibrocil storage conditions
  6. Further information

Vibrocil 2.5 mg / 0.25 mg / ml nasal drops,

Vibrocil 2.5 mg / 0.25 mg / ml nasal spray solution

Phenylephrine and dimetindeno maleate

- The active substance is phenylephrine and dimetindeno maleate. 1 ml of solution contains 2.5 mg of phenylephrine and 0.25 mg dimentindeno maleate.

- The other ingredients are benzalkonium chloride, disodium phosphate, citric acid monohydrate, sorbitol, deterpenuota lavender essence and purified water


Novartis Finland Oy, Metsänneidonkuja 10, 02130 Espoo, Finland


Novartis Consumer Health GmbH Zielstattstrasse 40, DE-81379 München, Germany


Vibrocil is a clear, colorless or slightly yellow in color, faint lavender odor


Vibrocil nasal drops: amber glass bottle with a pipette containing 15 ml of solution.

Vibrocil nasal spray: low-density polyethylene is compressed bottles containing 10 ml of solution.

Vibrocil contains the active ingredient phenylephrine decongestant and antihistamine dimetindeno maleate. Vibrocil used to reduce nasal congestion and runny nose treatment.

Vibrocil containing nasal decongestant and antihistamine. It quickly and permanently reduces nasal congestion and runny nose, suffering from various infectious or allergic diseases of the upper respiratory tract. It helps to clean the nose, nasal congestion, releasing and relieving nasal secretion spillage. Vibrocil does not change the nose hairs activity.

Vibrocil used:

- Nasal congestion to reduce colds and illness of rhinitis (nasal inflammation);

- Reduce nasal congestion in patients with seasonal (caused by pollen) and not seasonal allergic rhinitis.


Please read this information before starting Vibrocil.

Vibrocil contraindicated

  • If you are allergic to the active substance or any of the other ingredients Vibrocil material.
  • If you suffer from atrophic rhinitis (chronic rhinitis, during which it is borne scab).
  • If you are taking or have in the last two weeks have taken prescription drugs containing monoamine oxidase inhibitors (MAO inhibitors used to treat depression or mental illness). If you do not know if you are taking medicines containing MAO inhibitors, ask your doctor or pharmacist before taking Vibrocil.

Special precautions for use Vibrocil

Vibrocil Each spray dose contains up to 5 micrograms of sorbitol, a source of 1.25 micrograms of fructose. Vibrocil four drops of up to 5 micrograms of sorbitol. Patients with rare hereditary problems of fructose intolerance, this medicinal product is contraindicated.

Vibrocil contains benzalkonium chloride. It is an irritant and can cause skin and mucous membrane reactions.

Pregnancy and breast-feeding

Vibrocil is not recommended during pregnancy and lactation.

Other medical problems

Tell your doctor if you have heart disease, you have high blood pressure, thyroid disease or suffer from glaucoma. Check with your doctor if you are taking antidepressants or medication for high blood pressure (eg., Beta-blockers).

Taking Vibrocil to remember

Vibrocil Do not take it for longer than 1 week. If symptoms persist, consult a doctor.

Do not use more than the recommended dose, especially in children and the elderly.


Dosage for children

Nasal drops

1-6 years: 1-2 drops in each nostril 3-4 times a day.

Adults and children older than 6 years of age: 3-4 drops in each nostril 3-4 times a day.


Adults and children older than 6 years of age: 1-2 papurškimai into each nostril 3-4 times a day.

Vibrocil not recommended for use in children under 1 year of age due to insufficient data on safety and efficacy.

Use and storage instructions

Vibrocil nose drops

Blow your nose. If you stand Tilt your head. If you lie in bed, turn your head to the side. In each nostril solution and add a few minutes pabūkite leaned back until the product spread in the nose.

Infants who have a stuffy nose, it is recommended drip nasal drops before meals, making it easier to breastfeed.

Vibrocil spray

To get a better spray sprayed, hold it perpendicular, the nozzle pointing upwards. Blow your nose.Standing in the nostril plug the nozzle, briefly and quickly press the gun and pull it out of the nasal passages. Spraying shallow breaths through the nose, that the drug is better distributed.

If you take a large dose Vibrocil

In case of accidental ingestion, immediately contact your doctor or pharmacist.

If you think that Vibrocil is too strong or too weak, talk to your doctor or pharmacist.


The drugs can lead not only direct but also side effects. Vibrocil generally well tolerated. However, sometimes you may experience temporary mild local burning or dryness sensation in the nose, sneezing, unpleasant taste in the mouth, bleeding from the nose.

If you notice these side effects, which do you think has caused Vibrocil, tell your doctor or pharmacist.


Vibrocil keep out of the reach and sight of children.

Do not store above 30 ° C.

Keep the carton in order to protect from light.

Vibrocil stated on the label after the expiry date, not use.


More information about this medicine, please contact the local representative of the Marketing Authorisation Holder.