VICHY DERCOS anti-dandruff psoriasis shampoo

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VICHY DERCOS anti-dandruff psoriasis shampoo

pack size:200ml Dosage form:shampoo

The DERCOS PSOlution shampoo against psoriasis is particularly suitable for sensitive scalps. In addition, the gentle care formula is an ideal supplement for medical treatments. With the shampoo from Vichy, the scalp is gently peeled thanks to the salicylic acid it contains, urea effectively removes residues and glycerin provides the scalp with intensive moisture. The kerato-reducing care shampoo specifically counteracts the signs of itching and tingling - this promotes natural desquamation, soothes the scalp and the hair feels significantly softer.


Application VICHY DERCOS anti-dandruff psoriasis shampoo note

Apply the Vichy Dercos PSOlution Shampoo to wet hair and spread gently down to the scalp. Then massage in gently and leave on for 2 minutes. Then rinse your hair thoroughly with lukewarm water.

Safety VICHY DERCOS anti-dandruff psoriasis shampoo information

In case of eye contact, please rinse immediately.

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