VIDERMINA MUKUS lubricant 30ml./ Vidermina Mucus

Ganassini Institute

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Vidermina Mucus - a lubricant that mimics natural vaginal secretions

Moisturizing and soothing mucus against vaginal dryness

VIDERMINA MUKUS lubricant Purpose:

VIDERMINA LUBRICANT is an effective solution in the fight against vaginal dryness and its accompanying inflammations and infections. Its consistency is close to that of natural vaginal secretions, which helps to moisturize and soften the intimate parts. It can be used in cases of painful intercourse. Compatible with condoms. I leave no trace.

VIDERMINA MUKUS lubricant A way of use:

A sufficient amount of the product is applied to the intimate parts. In cases of painful intercourse, both partners need to use the lubricant in advance.

Avoid contact with eyes. In this case, rinse thoroughly with water.

Keep tightly closed and away from heat sources.