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VIDISAN EDO eyebright plant (Euphrasia) eye drop pipette

Dr. Gerhard Mann

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VIDISAN EDO eyebright plant (Euphrasia) single-dose eye drop pipette

To relieve irritated eyes
Vidisan ® EDO ® with the valuable extract from the eyebright plant (Euphrasia) soothes irritated eyes immediately after the first application, without any habituation effect. The eye drops moisten the surface of the eye, improve the stability of the tear film and thus protect the eyes from external environmental influences. Irritated eyes are comfortably soothed and symptoms such as tears, uncomfortable burning, itching and sensitivity to light of the eyes can be relieved immediately.

Eye drop pipette eyebright plant (Euphrasia) Provides comfort for the eyes

• With valuable extract from the eyebright plant (Euphrasia)
• Supports the build-up of an intact tear film
• With the plus in moistening through Povidone
• Very well tolerated and suitable for long-term use
• For adults, children, pregnant and nursing women *
• In the practical one-dose ophthalmic ophthalmic solution for on the go

Gentle and herbal
preparations with herbal ingredients can be used to alleviate common complaints. Vidisan ® EDO ® Eye drop pipette contains an extract from the eyebright plant (Euphrasia), which has been used in naturopathy for centuries to treat irritated eyes.

RECOMMENDED Eye drop pipette eyebright plant (Euphrasia) USE:
Vidisan ® EDO ® Eye drop pipette eyebright plant (Euphrasia) is easy and safe to use.

Separate an EDO ®(One-dose ophthalmic) from the latch (Fig. 1). Unscrew the cap (Fig. 2). Tilt your head back slightly and hold the EDO ® Eye drop pipette above your eye as shown in Fig. 3.

With the index finger of your free hand, pull the lower eyelid slightly downwards and make sure that you hold the EDO ® Eye drop pipette as vertically as possible over the eye. Avoid touching the EDO ® Eye drop pipette tip with your fingers or eyes.

Squeeze the EDO ® Eye drop pipette together so that a drop comes off. Then close your eye and move it slowly back and forth in order to distribute the drop optimally on the surface of the eye.

In addition to the use of Vidisan ® EDO ® Eye drop pipetteeyebright plant (Euphrasia)  The following tips can help with eye drops:

  • Make sure you drink enough fluids (at least 2 liters per day) and get enough sleep
  • Avoid cigarette smoke
  • Use only low-irritation cosmetics
  • Protect eyes by wearing appropriate glasses (sunglasses, swimming goggles, ski goggles)
  • Do not point the blower at your eyes in a car or airplane
  • Regular check-ups at the ophthalmologist

irritation can have a variety of causes, for example physical or chemical stimuli to which one is exposed every day, for example smoke, wind, dust particles, bright sunlight, pollen, cosmetics and chlorinated water. Often, overexertion of the eyes leads to the typical symptoms of irritated eyes - they burn, itch and tear, the sensitive conjunctiva of the eyes is reddened. Vidisan ® EDO ® is a beneficial solution for irritated and reddened eyes in these situations.

Many people suffer from dry, irritated and burning eyes as a result of their daily work on the screen. Vidisan ® EDO ®alleviates the discomfort and makes work a joy again.

The lenses should be removed before the application of the eye drops and should only be reinserted after approx. 15 minutes.

FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS Eye drop pipette eyebright plant (Euphrasia) & ANSWERS
I have a little bit of solution left in the one-dose ophthalmic solution after use, can I reuse it?
Vidisan ® EDO ® eye drops do not contain any preservatives. Opened one-dose ophtiols must therefore not be stored. The remaining amount in the ophthalmic product after use should be discarded.

How should Vidisan ® EDO ® Eye drop pipette eyebright plant (Euphrasia) be stored ?
When storing Vidisan ® EDO ® Eye drop pipette eyebright plant (Euphrasia), it is important to keep them away from sunlight.

Vividrin ® ectoin ® MDO ® eye drops eyebright plant (Euphrasia): Manufacturer: Dr. Gerhard Mann, chem.-pharm. Fabrik GmbH, the manufacturer.
Distributed by: Dr. Gerhard Mann chem.-pharm. Fabrik GmbH, Brunsbütteler Damm 165-173, 13581 Berlin