VIDISEPT 2% eye drops 10 ml Povidone

Dr. Gerhard Mann

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VIDISEPT ® 2% eye drops, Povidone

Active ingredient: Povidone (K25)

Areas of application: Film former (wetting agent , tear substitute); for symptomatic treatment of dry eye.

VIDISEPT ® 2% eye drops, Povidone Warnings: Keep medicines out of the reach of children. Pharmacy only.

For information on risks and side effects, read the package insert and ask your doctor or pharmacist.
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How long should Vidisept ® 2% be used?
Vidisept ® 2% can be used as required. Vidisept ®2% is suitable for long-term therapy when used up to 6 times a day.

How long can I use the opened dropper bottle after the first use?
The eye drops must not be used for more than 4 weeks after opening.

How should Vidisept ® 2% eye drops be stored ?
Keep this medicine out of the sight and reach of children and do not store it above 25 ° C or freeze it.

Effective for mild symptoms of dry eyes
Vidisept ®2% are clear eye drops for the treatment of mild or occasional symptoms with dry eyes. The proven active ingredient povidone adheres well to the cornea and conjunctiva and provides the eye with sufficient moisture. Unpleasant symptoms such as tired and burning eyes, the grain of sand effect and increased sensitivity to light are effectively alleviated. For wetting and re-wetting of hard contact lenses, also suitable while wearing.

The tear film
Every day we blink our eyes around 14,000 times. With every blink of the eye, a wafer-thin film of tears is distributed over the eye, which keeps the surface of the eye smooth, clean and moist and protects the eye from harmful substances. If the amount or composition of the tear film is disturbed, symptoms of dehydration of the cornea and conjunctiva can result, resulting in burning, dryness, sensation of pressure and foreign bodies and sensitivity to light.

Remove the protective cap from the tip of the bottle, being careful not to touch the drip tip with your fingers to avoid contamination. Tilt your head back slightly and hold the dropper bottle vertically above your eye without touching it. With one finger of your free hand, gently pull the lower eyelid downward. Then close your eye, move it slightly to the right and left and blink in order to distribute the drop optimally on the surface of the eye. Repeat the application on the other eye. Put the bottle cap back on the bottle tip after each use.

Immediately after application, blurred vision may occur for a short time. During this time, no machines should be operated, work should not be carried out without a secure hold, and no road traffic should be taken.

Many people suffer from dry, irritated and burning eyes as a result of their daily work on the screen. Vidisept ® 2% alleviates the discomfort and makes work a pleasure again.

Dry eyes are very uncomfortable for contact lens wearers, as they impair daily comfort. Vidisept ® 2% noticeably increases the comfort of the lenses all day long.

Heating air, air conditioning, but also smoking and fine dust have an impact on the tear film. These can be stressors that lead to dry eye symptoms.

During pregnancy, the hormonal balance changes and also affects the tear film. Dry eyes are therefore very often a side effect, but can be relieved with eye drops.