VIKING PLUS FIX 2g x 20 pieces, urethritis treatment


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  • Urethritis-treatment. Tea Viking Plus Fix for real men. Herb fireweed angustifolia and cranberries help in ailments of the urinary tract. Dedicated primarily to men over the age of 40.

Herb fireweed angustifolia - 1.5g fruit cranberry - 0.5g.

Tea Viking Fix Plus contains herbs fireweed angustifolia and cranberries. They help maintain a healthy urinary tract in men. Herb fireweed contains substances with antyksydacyjnych, such as flavonoid compounds, polyphenols, tannins, sterols and triterpenes.The infusion of this herb has anti-inflammatory and supportive of such disorders as the initial phase of benign prostatic hypertrophy, and inflammation of the urethra. In the alternative, can be used in the treatment of disorders of micturition, as it reduces congestion and reduces inflammation. Drinking tea Viking Plus promotes the removal of bacteria and germs from the urinary tract.

Herbal tea supporting the functioning of the urinary tract. Recommended men, especially after the age of 40.

Do not use in case of hypersensitivity to any component.

Once a day, drink a brew from one sachet. Purse pour a glass of boiling water and infuse, covered, about 10 minutes.