VINOGIN IQ MAX for memory and bloodletting 30 capsules

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VINOGIN IQ MAX. A new formula for excellent memory concentration and mental activity

VINOGIN IQ MAX for memory and bloodletting Composition and action:

Standardized Ginkgo biloba extract (100 mg) - improves blood flow to the brain and limbs

Grape Seed Extract (60 mg) - strengthens blood vessels

Magnesium - 160 mg - promotes the proper functioning of the cardiovascular and nervous systems

Rhodiola extract (100 mg) - reduces inflammation, blood pressure, prevents thrombotic aggregation, has a positive inotropic effect

Dimethylaminoethanol - 30 mg (DMAE) - a natural brain stimulant; an acetylcholine precursor responsible for the rate at which brain impulses travel; activates mental activity - memory, attention, concentration

B vitamins - B6 and B12

Phosphatidylserine (50 mg) - important for metabolic processes, cell membrane functionality and transmission of nerve impulses

VINOGIN IQ MAX for memory and bloodletting Dosage:

Take 1 tablet daily after meals

Do not exceed the recommended daily dose!
Do not use as a substitute for a varied diet!