VISCOBLAST eye drops 15ml, eye drops for dry eyes


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  • VISCOBLAST formulation in the form of eye drops, which has moisturizing properties. Facilitates regeneration of cornea and epithelial cells, and reduces the discomfort associated with the occurrence of dry eye.

carboxymethyl beta-glucan 0.5% sodium N-hydroxymethylglycinate 0.001% Sodium edetate 0.1%; solution was sterile, isotonic, pH 7.2

The product is intended for topical use. Included in its composition substances have moisturizing and oiling. Thanks to protect the surface of the eye and to alleviate the symptoms of dry eye syndrome. In addition, preparation supports the regeneration of epithelial and post-traumatic corneal sensitivity.

It is recommended to use the product for dry eye, reduced tear production, negative impact of external factors (eg. Wind, solar) that dry eyes. Also indicated the sensitivity of the cornea caused by trauma or surgery.

Apply topically. Apply 1-2 drops per eye x 2-3 / 24.