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VISCONTOUR thermal water hyaluronic acid Spray

STADA Consumer Health Deutschland GmbH

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Viscontour ® thermal water hyaluronic acid Spray

Pack size:150 ml Dosage form:spray
thermal water

spray with hyaluronic acid Viscontour Water thermal water spray
The ultimate freshness kick with protective effect: Viscontour Water moisturizes dry skin, protects it from further dehydration and forms an extremely fine, protective film. Because the thermal water spray not only contains the valuable minerals from thermal water but also pure hyaluronic acid.

Good to know Viscontour ® thermal water hyaluronic acid Spray: The thermal water for on the go is suitable for dry and sensitive skin.

Refreshing hyaluronic thermal water for sensitive skin:

  • Thermal water with valuable minerals and hyaluronic acid
  • Refreshing and wrinkle preventive
  • Provides moisture, protects against dehydration, strengthens the skin's barrier properties
  • Especially for irritated, sensitive skin (soothes the skin)