Viscose | spa salon | TADE Crepe glove 23 x 15cm x 1 piece


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  • Viscose. Crepe glove is a great way to create your own SPA salon at home. Thanks to the crepe made of crepe, you perfectly peel off the dead skin, massage the body, which will be prepared for further care treatments.

100% viscose

Crepe glove used with black soap or other cosmetics with a natural and rich composition, will complete professional care in the privacy of your home - it will strip dead skin, massage the body, increase blood circulation and prepare the body to apply balm or other care cosmetics. The glove has a slightly rough structure that will also help clean the skin. Suitable for people with delicate, sensitive skin.

The crepe glove helps to thoroughly cleanse the surface of the body, exfoliates dead skin - it peels and massages selected parts of the body.