VISCOSEAL Syringe hyaluronic acid pre-filled syringes 1 pc

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VISCOSEAL Syringe hyaluronic acid pre-filled syringes 1 pc


VISCOSEAL® Syringe hyaluronic acid pre-filled syringes

With VISCOSEAL® Syringe you are more mobile and painless after an arthroscopy.

VISCOSEAL® Syringe Hyaluronic Acid:


VISCOSEAL Syringe hyaluronic acid Benefits after Arthroscopy:
The arthroscopy is an established method. For many patients, it brings about a fundamental improvement in their joint function over the long term. Surgical instruments, light, an optical device and inflow and outflow devices for irrigation fluid are introduced through the smallest incisions in the joint.

During the arthroscopy, the doctor flushes the joint with a special solution (usually a liquid similar to saline). Without the cloudy synovial fluid, your doctor has a good field of vision for the procedure. Deposits and residues that have accumulated in the joint are washed away.

After the arthroscopy , the irrigation fluid is suctioned off. After the procedure you have a “dry joint” because new synovial fluid needs time to replicate. During this time, the cartilage metabolism is impaired and the cartilage surfaces have no protective layer.

Hyaluronic acid - the most important component of the synovial fluid
Hyaluronic acid enables the synovial fluid to act as a placeholder, a shock absorber, a filter and a lubricant at the same time.