VISCUM album, Colchicum autumnale ampoules

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VISCUM album, Colchicum autumnale, VISCUM CPL. Injektopas ampoules

Homeopathic medicine.

active VISCUM album, Colchicum autumnale ingredients

  • 2 mg Acidum lacticum D27
  • 2 mg Aurum iodatum D9
  • 2 mg Colchicum autumnale D27
  • 2 mg Mercurius solubilis Hahnemanni D17
  • 2 mg Viscum album D4

VISCUM album, Colchicum autumnale excipients

  • sodium chloride
  • water for injections

What is Viscum Cpl.-Injektopas® and what is it used for?
Viola Tricolor Similiaplex® R is a registered homeopathic medicinal product, therefore without a therapeutic indication.

If symptoms of illness persist during use, please seek medical advice.

How should Viscum Cpl.-Injektopas® be used?
Always take the medicine exactly as instructed in the package leaflet. Please check with your prescriber or pharmacist if you are not sure.

Unless otherwise prescribed:
The application requires an individual dosage by a homeopathically experienced therapist. In the context of self-medication, 1-2 ml iv, im or sc should therefore only be injected once parenterally.

To continue the therapy, it is recommended to contact a homeopathically experienced therapist.

Homeopathic medicines should also not be taken for long periods of time without medical advice.

What Viscum Cpl.-Injektopas® contains:
The active ingredients are: 1 ampoule (2 ml) contains: Acidum lacticum dil. D27 2mg, Aurum iodatum Dil. D9 2mg, Colchicum dil. D27 2 mg, Mercurius solubilis Hahnemanni Dil. D17 2 mg, Viscum album dil. D4 2mg.

The other ingredients VISCUM album, Colchicum autumnale are:
sodium chloride, water for injections.

Net VISCUM album, Colchicum autumnale capacity:
10 x 2 ml ampoules