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Visine DRY EYES drops 10ml, best eye drops for dry eyes, eye drops for red eyes

Johnson & Johnson

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  • Visine DRY EYE is a preparation in the form of eye drops, which, thanks to included in the ingredients moisturizes. In addition, it protects the organ of sight from the harmful influence of external factors.

Povidone K25, carbomer 974P, medium chain triglycerides, benzalkonium chloride, glycerol (85%), 3-hydrate sodium acetate, trometamol and water for injection.

The eye drops include substances that act moisturizing, soothing feeling of dryness and signs of fatigue (burning and other minor ailments) caused by the impact of environmental factors (smoke, dust, air, wind, intensive work on the computer or use contact lenses etc. ).

It is recommended to use the product to moisturize and soften dry and ocular fatigue induced by external factors (wind, dust, air-conditioning, high temperature, etc.).

Apply directly to the conjunctival sac 1-2 drops into each eye, repeating function x 3-4 / 24.