Visine tired eyes 10ml, eye drops for dry eyes, tired eyes remedy, best eye drops for dry eyes

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  • Drops are aimed at dampening to reduce fatigue or prevent fatigue, of stress and irritation of the eyes, which may indicate the initial stage of dry eye syndrome, caused by environmental factors.

Each bottle of 15 ml contains 10 ml of TS-polysaccharide 0.5% mannitol hydrate dwuwodorotetraoksofosforanu (V), sodium-12 hydrate wodorotetraoksofosforanu (V) disodium, benzalkonium chloride, and purified water.

Indications: humidification to reduce fatigue or prevent fatigue, of stress and irritation of the eyes, which may indicate the initial stage of the syndrome of dry eyes caused by environmental factors, such as using a computer, reading or driving.C o is the term "tired eyes"? tired eyes is a term used to determine the discomfort often experienced after a period of intense concentration eyesight. The stresses of modern life making ever greater challenges for the eyes, which can cause pain, feeling the strain and fatigue. Such actions, as many hours working at the computer, reading and driving are associated with a reduction in the frequency of blinking, which often leads to troublesome symptoms of tired eyes. Clinical studies have shown that the strain my eyes for a long time can lead to eye fatigue and reduce the frequency of blinking by 66%. In such situations, if the eyes are not fully relax, there may be pain, but taking the time to rest your eyes is not always possible in the case of intensive lifestyle. Eye strain is caused by a mild, transient form of clinically proven dry eye syndrome. This condition is related to insufficient humidification surface of the eye, caused by a lack of tears or low for their preparation.

Visine Tired Eyes contains a natural ingredient (TS-polysaccharide), which is obtained from the seeds of the tree Tamarindus indica. A purified extract gel properties. It is similar to the lock component present in the normal tear film coating covering the surface of the eye.mucous component tears forms a layer that protects and moisturizing eye. The preparation Visine Tired Eyes was developed as liquid droplets to combine with the natural layer of mucous coating tear assured supplement lost moisture, instantly refresh the eyes and comfort.

3-4 times a day.