VISMED gel 0.18% 20 vials of 0.3 ml

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Instructions for use VISMED gel:
VISMED GEL - sodium hyaluronate 0.18%, obtained by fermentation.
With optimal efficiency and tolerability.
Sterile, without preservatives.

VISMED gel Composition: Each 1 ml of solution contains: 1.8 mg sodium hyaluronate, sodium chloride, potassium chloride, disodium phosphate, sodium citrate, magnesium chloride, calcium chloride and water for injections. The solution is hypotonic.

VISMED gel Indications: Symptoms and signs of dry eyes and / or injury to the surface of the eyes due to diseases such as superficial keratitis, Sjögren's syndrome or primary dry eye syndrome. For long-term eye lubrication in cases of dryness, irritation, eye fatigue and other similar complaints caused by dust, cigarette smoke, dry and hot air, excessive computer work and wearing contact lenses.

Contraindications for use VISMED gel: Hypersensitivity to any of the components of the preparation.

Interactions with other medicines: VISMED GEL should not be used at the same time as another medicine or other eye preparations, as this may change their effect.

Side effects: In very rare cases, transient disorders such as conjunctivitis, foreign body sensation, redness or burning sensation in the eyes, short-term blurred vision may occur.

Dosage and administration: Bend the ear of the protective hoop. Tilt your head back and place the tip of the vial over the eye to be treated. Pull the lower eyelid with the index finger of one hand down. With light pressure on the vial of VISMED GEL, a drop of the preparation will flow easily. Unless otherwise recommended, instill one or two drops of VISMED GEL in the eye as often as needed. After blinking, the solution will spread evenly and form a transparent and long-lasting coating over the entire surface of the eye. VISMED GEL can be used while wearing contact lenses (soft or hard).

Precautions: Do not touch the tip of the opened vial with your finger or touch the surface of the eye. Otherwise, you must discard the vial immediately after use. Close the package after use. As VISMED GEL does not contain preservatives, the solution should be used within 12 hours of opening the package. Do not use VISMED GEL if the vial is damaged. Store at a temperature between 2 ºС and 25 ºС! Do not use VISMED GEL after the expiry date which is stated on the vial and the carton. If symptoms persist with VISMED GEL, consult a physician.
Keep out of reach of children!

Characteristics and mode of action: VISMED GEL contains sodium hyaluronate, a natural polymer that is also present in the structures of the human eye. The specific physical characteristics of sodium hyaluronate included in VISMED GEL determine its highly elastic properties and water retention properties. VISMED GEL forms a permanent coating on the eye, which is eliminated in a very small part when blinking. As a result, VISMED GEL provides the effect of long-lasting relief and maximum comfort. Thanks to its unique composition, VISMED GEL is very well tolerated. VISMED GEL does not contain preservatives.