VISMED GEL MULTI eye drops 10 ml

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Intensive moistening for day and night
• Synthetic tear fluid with hyaluronic acid and important electrolytes
• Free of preservatives

Compatible with all contact lenses

• Generous

dropper bottle VISMED ® GEL MULTI dropper bottle

Effective solution for dry eyes

The dry eye ("keratoconjunctivitis sicca") is a disorder of the tear film and the surface of the eye. The cause of the complex disease is often an increased evaporation of the tear film as a result of a disruption of the final layer of the tear film. Common symptoms are dry, red and irritated eyes as well as increased tearing and uncomfortable itching or burning of the eyes. This can have a major impact on everyday life.

For the treatment of dry eyes, high-quality medical wetting solutions ("artificial tears") with hyaluronic acid have proven themselves. The use of thicker gels such as VISMED ® is recommended for intensive moisteningGEL MULTI. The preparation impresses with its pleasantly liquid consistency, so that the gel feels silky soft on the eye - without any visual impairment. The long-lasting tear substitute is also free of preservatives and therefore very well tolerated.

With 0.3% hyaluronic

acid Hyaluronic acid is an endogenous substance that is contained in the tear film and ensures that moisture can be stored and nutrients can be transported. With their special physical and chemical properties, hyaluronic acid solutions are similar to natural tear fluid. They are therefore very popular in ophthalmology to treat dry eye. In VISMED ®GEL MULTI contains hyaluronic acid in a high concentration of 0.3%. Clinical studies prove the effectiveness of VISMED ® GEL MULTI and a significant reduction in symptoms. *

* Johnson ME et al., Effectiveness of sodium hyaluronate eyedrops in the treatment of dry eye. Graefes Arch Clin Exp Ophthalmol. 2006 Jan; 244 (1): 109-12


Twist off the cap, tilt your head back and hold the drip opening over the eye to be treated. With the index finger of one hand, pull the lower lid of the eye downwards. By gently squeezing the bottle, a drop of the VISMED ® GEL MULTI solution is released. Unless otherwise recommended, 1-2 drops of VISMED ® as requiredDrip GEL MULTI into the conjunctival sac. Do not bring the dropper tip into contact with the eye or touch it with your fingers. The blink of an eye spreads the solution and forms a transparent and durable layer of liquid on the surface of the eye. DISEASES Diseases such as diabetes, neurodermatitis or rheumatism often result in dry eyes. The use of medication such as psychotropic drugs and beta blockers can also affect the production of the tear film. CLIMATE FACTORS External factors such as dust, smoke, wind, dry heat or cold as well as long stays in an air-conditioned environment influence the composition and amount of tear fluid. HORMONAL CHANGES


For many women, the unpleasant symptoms of dry eyes are caused by hormonal changes during menopause and pregnancy.

BALANCED DIET An unbalanced diet has an impact on the tear film and thus in turn on the health of the eyes. In addition, our water balance indirectly influences the amount of tears. FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS & ANSWERS: Does the gel affect my vision? No, VISMED ® GEL MULTI spreads quickly on the surface of the eye when you blink and leaves a transparent film of liquid that does not affect your eyesight. What is the difference between VISMED ® GEL MULTI and VISMED ® GEL?

Basically, both products have the same composition - they contain 0.3% hyaluronic acid. The difference is: VISMED ® GEL MULTI is available as a dropper bottle and VISMED ® GEL as a single-dose ampoule. In this way, every user can decide which dosage form he would prefer to use.

Why does VISMED ® GEL MULTI contain electrolytes?
The cornea of ​​the eye is free of blood vessels, which would impair vision. The cornea must therefore be supplied with nutrients and oxygen via the tear fluid. To ensure this, VISMED ® GEL MULTI contains important electrolytes.

How long can VISMED ® GEL MULTI keep ?
The product has a shelf life of 3 months after opening and should be stored between 2 ° C and 25 ° C.

Can you prevent dry eyes?
You yourself can contribute to the well-being of your eyes by, for example, always making sure you drink enough and eat a balanced diet. Omega-3 fatty acids - mainly contained in sea fish - play an important role in this.

Ventilate living and office spaces regularly, but protect your eyes from drafts. Avoid cigarette smoke and wear sunglasses in the sun to protect you from excessive light.

Regular cleaning and care of the eyelid margin is also helpful if the sebum glands on the eyelid margin tend to form incrustations. Special cleaning wipes and gels, but also creams such as B. ilast® Care proven.