Visolvit Junior resistance currant flavor x 10 lollipops respiratory infections 3+


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  • Visolvit Junior resistance currant flavor is responsible for significant reduction in the duration of respiratory infections and preventing their occurrence. It also operates an antioxidant.

1 lollipop contains: Vitamin C 40 mg of zinc 3 mg, rutin 6 mg
Composition of total sugar, glucose syrup, acidity regulator - citric acid, sodium L-ascorbate, natural blackcurrant aroma, raspberry juice powder, juice of black currant powder, rutin, zinc gluconate, natural colorant - cochineal.

Visolvit Junior resistance currant flavor is a unique dietary supplement which, thanks to the form of tasty lollipops is willingly accepted by children. It provides them with many valuable components (vitamin C, zinc and routine). Thanks to this clearly strengthens the body's resistance to the action of pathogenic microorganisms, improving the functioning of the immune system.Additionally, it exhibits antioxidant properties and slows down the aging process. Visolvit Junior resistance currant flavor is also available in a version with lemon flavor.

- Hypersensitivity to the active components of the product

Use the product in children over 3 years of age and adults as a means of enhancing immunity, especially in periods of increased incidence of respiratory infections.

Use oral lozenge. Children over 3 years of age is recommended to administer a lollipop 1/24. In adults, use 2 lollipops / 24.