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VIT-A-VISION eye ointment

OmniVision GmbH

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VIT-A-VISION eye ointment

Eye ointment for long-lasting improvement of the tear film

Dry eyes, long periods of working at a screen, harmful environmental influences or wearing contact lenses can result in the surface of the eye not being moistened with sufficient tear fluid or the protective tear film being disrupted. Typical symptoms include dryness, irritation, burning and tiredness of the eyes. Vit-A-Vision ® can provide long-lasting relief from these symptoms. Thanks to its highly viscous properties, the eye ointment with dexpanthenol and vitamins A forms a film over the surface of the eye, stabilizes the tear film and protects the eye from dryness. Due to its very soft and supple consistency, Vit-A-Vision ® is distributed very well on the surface of the eye and the eyelids can glide effortlessly over the surface of the eye. The eye ointment is particularly suitable for overnight use.

Intensive protection of the eye surface

Vit-A-Vision ® eye ointment is used for long-lasting improvement of the tear film and intensive protection of the eye surface. Its cell-protective properties support the normal regeneration processes of the cornea and conjunctiva when they are affected by dryness. The eye ointment contains dexpanthenol, vitamin A (a natural component of the tear film). Dexpanthenol, which is converted into pantothenic acid in the body and is one of the B vitamins, increases the water binding capacity and thus forms a protective film on the surface of the eye. Vitamin A supports the lubrication of the eyes. Vit-A-Vision ® is phosphate-free and contains no preservatives. After opening the tube, the eye ointment can be used for another 3 months.

Smooth. Protective. Long-lasting.

• Eye ointment for long-lasting improvement of the tear film
• Intensive protection of the eye surface with dexpanthenol and vitamin A
• No preservatives
• Phosphate-free
• Particularly suitable for the night
• Can be used for 3 months after opening

Step 1: Wash your hands thoroughly before using Vit-A -Apply Vision ® . To open for the first time, turn the screw cap of the protective cap counterclockwise until the safety seal breaks and remove the film from the safety seal.

Step 2: Hold the tube as vertically as possible with the opening pointing downwards over the eye. Please avoid any contact of the tube tip with your fingers and eyes.

Step 3:Now put your head back a little (neck position) and pull the lower eyelid slightly away from your eye with your free hand. Press lightly on the tube and insert an approx. 0.5 cm long strand of ointment into the conjunctival sac of the affected eye. Slowly close your eyes and move the eyeballs in any direction so that Vit-A-Vision ® can spread evenly over the surface of the eye.
After use, close the tube again with the protective cap. Please be careful not to touch the tip of the tube. Bending or rolling up the tube should be avoided in order not to damage the tube.

NOTE: For hygiene reasons, a single tube of Vit-A-Vision ® should not be used by multiple people.


The so-called dry eye (Sicca syndrome) can be caused by various diseases such as: B. Sjögren's syndrome or diabetes can be caused. Taking certain medications can also have a negative effect on the tear film. With Vit-A-Vision ®, sufficient moisturization of the eye surface can also be ensured overnight.


Dry indoor air caused by heating and air conditioning as well as other environmental influences such as cold, wind or pollutants in the air, e.g. Cigarette smoke, for example, can irritate the eyes and cause unpleasant symptoms. Thanks to its nourishing properties, Vit-A-Vision ® provides intensive protection for the sensitive surface of the eyes.


Intense vision during concentrated screen work or long car journeys can reduce the blink frequency and thus impair the lubrication of the surface of the eye. The eyes dry out more quickly and become tired and irritated. After a strenuous day, using Vit-A-Vision ® before going to bed provides soothing relief from the symptoms.


Ophthalmic procedures and wearing contact lenses place mechanical stress on the eyes, which can cause irritation and damage the surface of the eye. Vit-A-Vision ® eye ointment supports the normal nocturnal regeneration mechanisms of the eye surface with dexpanthenol and vitamin A.


Who is Vit-A-Vision ® eye ointment suitable for?
Vit-A-Vision ®is suitable for use in adults to improve dry eye symptoms. Pregnant and breastfeeding women, children and adolescents should consult their doctor before use. Do not use the eye ointment if you are hypersensitive (allergic) to any of the ingredients. In addition, Vit-A-Vision ® should not be used in combination with contact lenses.

How often and for how long should you use Vit-A-Vision ® eye ointment?
Vit-A-Vision ® is usually used 3 times a day for long-lasting improvement of the tear film and intensive protection of the ocular surface. It is particularly recommended to use it in the evening before going to bed - this way the ointment can have an intensive and long-lasting effect on the irritated eye. Vit-A-Vision ® should be used continuously over a period of at least 30 days. Your ophthalmologist should determine the frequency and duration of use.

If symptoms persist after this period, please contact your eye doctor again.
If you require additional local eye treatment, please speak to your treating ophthalmologist. In general, an interval of around 30 minutes should be maintained between the two applications. Vit-A-Vision ® eye ointment should then be used after the other products.

Can side effects occur when using Vit-A-Vision ® ?
The following side effects have occasionally been observed when using Vit-A-Vision ®
: After use, there may be a temporary impairment of visual acuity (blurred vision). In this case, you should not drive a vehicle or operate any machines. It is advisable to wait until normal visual acuity has returned. What ingredients are contained

in Vit-A-Vision ®
? Vit-A-Vision ® eye ointment contains dexpanthenol (2%), α-tocopherol acetate (vitamin E), vitamin A palmitate, petroleum jelly, paraffin, wool wax, cetostearyl alcohol and purified water.

How should you store Vit-A-Vision ® eye ointment?
Store Vit-A-Vision ® at 5 to 25 °C and protect the eye ointment from frost and direct sunlight. Always keep the product out of the reach of children.