VITAGOLD FLAX OIL 1000mg 30 + 30 capsules

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Vitagold Flax Oil Omega 3-6-9 1000mg is a special food supplement containing flaxseed oil, rich in omega-3-6-9 unsaturated fatty acids, which support the heart, brain and vision, help the proper functioning of the musculoskeletal system. apparatus, the immune system and to maintain normal blood cholesterol levels. Flaxseed oil is a source of valuable organisms Omega 3 (linolenic acid). Omega 6 (linoleic acid) and Omega 9 (oleic acid), which have a beneficial effect on many organs and functions in the human body. Omega 3-6-9 support the activity of the digestive system, improve the structure and condition of the joints, lower the levels of "bad" cholesterol and triglycerides in the blood and support the heart muscle. Omega 3 6 9 fatty acids help maintain healthy and beautiful hair, skin and nails, as well as to maintain a normal body weight. Omega 3 6 9 fatty acids also support reproductive protection.


Flaxseed oil 1000 contains: 100% cold-pressed Flaxseed oil 1000 mg, a rich source of vegetable Omega 3-6-9 unsaturated fatty acids.


· Prevents the formation of blood clots, helps reduce cholesterol levels, helps lower blood pressure

· Helps regulate blood sugar levels

· Helps to form prostaglandins (hormone-like ingredients), which increase the permeability of cells and thus strengthen the immune system.

· Increases calcium absorption, has a positive effect on acute inflammatory diseases and maintains and stimulates joint mobility


Take 1-2 capsules daily

Do not exceed the recommended daily dose!

Do not use as a substitute for a varied diet!