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VITAMIN A 800 µg GPH Capsules

Hecht Pharma GmbH

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800 μg GPH capsules

Vitamin A is one of the fat-soluble vitamins. Vitamins have a variety of tasks in our body and must be supplied through a balanced diet. Vitamins are essential for health, growth and various metabolic processes. The following foods contain a particularly large amount of vitamin A: liver, egg yolk, cod liver oil, milk and milk products. Vitamin A and its precursor are also found in vegetables (spinach, broccoli, carrots, beans, corn). A small part of vitamin A can also be formed from beta-carotene, which occurs in various plants. The vitamin A in animal foods is called retinol.

This vitamin performs the following functions:
Vitamin A plays an important role in the visual process because it is involved in the formation of the visual purple, which makes it possible to see in dim light. If the vitamin A reserve is not sufficient, poor eyesight can occur at dusk or in the dark. Vitamin A is also important for the normal condition and function of the skin and mucous membranes, hair and fingernails. A lack of vitamin A leads to reduced visual performance, increased sensitivity to light, reduced twilight vision, increasing night blindness; This can result in dehydration and changes in the cornea and conjunctiva. A dietary supplement with vitamin A makes sense if the intake of vitamin A from food is too low (e.g. vegetarians), if the eyes are strained by e.g

Recommended VITAMIN A dosage:
Adults: Take 1 x 1 capsule daily with liquid. 1 capsule contains 800 μg vitamin A (100% NRV*). *NRV = percent of the recommended daily dose.

Gluten free. Lactose free. Yeast Free.

Bulking agent: mannitol (excessive consumption can have a laxative effect!); capsule shell: gelatin; Color in the capsule shell: titanium dioxide; Retinol acetate powder (1%) (sucrose, gelatin, retinyl acetate, modified starch, t-butylhydroxytoluene, sodium aluminum silicate) Dietary

VITAMIN A supplements are not a substitute for a balanced and varied diet and a healthy lifestyle.

VITAMIN A dietary supplements. The recommended daily consumption must not be exceeded.

Dietary supplements VITAMIN A are not a substitute for a balanced, varied diet and a healthy lifestyle.

Keep away from children!