Vitamin b complex Intercell capsules 60 pcs


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Vitamin b complex Intercell Active ingredients

Ubidecarenone folic acid mecobalamin nicotinamide biotin ( R ) - (+) - \ a63-lipoic acid glucosamine L -methyl tetrahydrofolate riboflavin cholinium cation choline hydrogen tartrate pyridoxal-5'-phosphate pantothenic acid calcium pantothenate pyridoxal thiamine thiamine hydrochloride

Vitamin b complex Intercell Auxiliary materials
Maltodextrin Hypromellose Gellan Gum Edible Fatty Acids , Magnesium Salts

Vitamin b complex Note
For information on risks and side effects, read the package insert (the label for medicinal water) and ask your doctor or pharmacist. For veterinary medicine, read the package insert and ask the veterinarian or pharmacist.