Vitamin C | JUVIT C 0.1 g


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Vitamin C | JUVIT C 0.1 g / 1 ml drops 40 ml

  • Vitamin C. JUVIT C is a product designed for use in infants, children and adults.It provides the body with vitamin C, which positively affects the functioning of the body.


Vitamin C | JUVIT C 0.1 g Composition:

1ml: Vitamin C 100.00 mg


Vitamin C | JUVIT C 0.1 g Action:

Dietary supplement Vitamin C available without a prescription, which thanks to the content of vitamin C is beneficial to the functioning of the young organism. Primarily involved in the process of formation of collagen and extracellular matrix, which means that it contributes to the development according to the standard cartilage, bone and teeth, and wound healing. Reduces the permeability of blood vessels capillaries. In addition, it supports immunity.

It is recommended that administration of infants, children and adults in the context of the prevention deficits of vitamin C.


Dosage Vitamin C | JUVIT C 0.1 g:

In the case of infants should be administered 5-8 drops / 24, in children aged 1-6 years, 10 drops / 24, and in children of school age and adults use 15-20 drops / 24.