Vitamin D 25 (OH) test, level assessment x 1 piece


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The Vitamin D 25 (OH) test is intended for self-monitoring and is recommended for the diagnosis and monitoring of many diseases. Determining the level of vitamin D allows you to select the appropriate dose of cholecalciferol in daily supplementation.

The Vitamin D 25 (OH) test kit includes:

A sachet with a cassette test and a capillary pipette, a disinfection swab, a sterile lancet (lancing device) for obtaining a blood sample, a container with a dropper containing 1 ml of the reagent, results card, instructions for use.

Action Vitamin D 25 (OH) Level
Test : The Vitamin D 25 (OH) Level Test is a semi-quantitative test to detect 25 (OH) D. The results of a fingertip capillary blood sample are shown in one of four ranges. Vitamin D deficiency in the body can cause many diseases, therefore 25 (OH) D testing is important both at the stage of diagnosis, treatment and monitoring. Determining the level of the vitamin allows you to adjust the appropriate doses of drugs or dietary supplements. The test is easy to use and quick - you only need to wait 10 minutes for the result. It is also characterized by high accuracy.

Vitamin D 25 (OH) test - a level assessment intended for self-examination to determine the level of vitamin D in a blood sample.

Additional information:
Store the product out of reach of children at room temperature. It is recommended to protect against the effects of moisture and light. Normal vitamin D levels are 30-100ng / ml in both children and adults. The value of 10-30ng / ml is considered the lower limit, while in the case of the level below 10ng / ml there is a severe vitamin D deficiency.

The method of using the Vitamin D 25 (OH) test.

Before performing the test, it is recommended to read the instructions for use. Wash your hands thoroughly, disinfect the puncture site. Then use a sterile lancet to prick the fingertip and collect a blood sample. Apply the blood to the S window on the cassette test, then add two drops of the reagent to the B window. Read the result after 10 minutes. Interpretation of the result: deficiency: 0-10ng / ml (0-25nmol / l), reduced level: 10-30ng / ml (25-75nmol / l), normal level: 30-100ng / ml (75-250nmol / l) , above normal:> 100ng / ml (> 250nmol / l).