Vitamin D3 60 lozenges


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Vitamin D3. Cholecalciferol is a vitamin that supports, among others muscle, bone and tooth health. One lozenge dietary supplement Vitamin D3 4000j.m provides up to 2000% of the daily requirement for this substance.

Vitamin D3 Ingredients:
Bulking agent: mannitol; starch; vitamin D (cholecalciferol); glazing agent: fatty acids (stearic acid); natural aroma; modified starch: hydroxypropyl starch; glazing agents: silicon dioxide, magnesium salts of fatty acids (magnesium stearate). Contains sweetener. Allergen information: the product may contain traces of crustaceans, fish, soybeans and their derived products.

The content of vitamin D in 1 tablet (in the recommended daily dose) - 4000 IU. (100mcg, 2000% of the reference intake).

Operation Vitamin D3:
The Naturell brand uses high quality ingredients and modern techniques to obtain a product that meets the highest standards. The preparation Vitamin D3 4000j.m more than meets the daily demand for cholecalciferol, which plays an important role in the body. It supports the work of the immune system and muscles, and above all supports the proper absorption of calcium and contributes to the maintenance of bone and tooth health. The dietary supplement was produced using microencapsulation technology, which increases the stability of the active substance and allows you to control its release in the body. In addition, the dietary supplement is in the form of Instant lozenges, which dissolve quickly on the tongue, without swallowing or sipping.

Vitamin D3 Application:
Dietary supplement Vitamin D3 4000j.m intended for use as an additional source of vitamin D in the diet.

Additional information Vitamin D3: The product does not contain sugar and lactose. Dietary supplement can not be used as a substitute for a varied diet and a healthy lifestyle. Keep the product out of reach of children at room temperature. Pregnant and lactating women should consult the use of the preparation with a doctor.

Vitamin D3 Contraindications:
Do not use in case of hypersensitivity to any component of the dietary supplement.

Recommended daily dose for adults, adolescents, pregnant women, women planning a pregnancy and nursing mothers, as well as people over 60 years of age: 1 tablet. Take after a meal. Do not exceed recommended servings for consumption during the day.