Vitamin D3 K2 x 30 capsules


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  • K2 Vitamin D3 is a product that supports proper functioning of the immune system and strengthens bone tissue.

1 capsule. Contains fish oil offshore (500 mg) in the omega-3 fatty acid - 300 mg, Mena Q7 - Vitamin K2 (MK7) - 45 mg (60% *), cholecalciferol - Vitamin D3 - 5 mcg (100% *), capsule shell: gelatin, glycerol, water, dyes: E171 - titanium dioxide E172 - red iron oxide.

Vitamin K2 D3 is a dietary supplement is a source of beneficial nutrients. It contains vitamin K2, and vitamin D3, which are dissolved in the fat, which increases absorption. Vitamin K helps to maintain bone tissue in an appropriate form. Vitamin D is responsible for supporting the immune system. Increases absorption of calcium and regulates the level of calcium and phosphorus in the body. Thanks conducive to maintaining proper structure of bone tissue. Supports the proper functioning of muscles. K2 vitamin D3 is in the form of capsules for oral use.

- Hypersensitivity to the active components of the product

It is recommended to use the product to supplement vitamin K2 and D3 in the body.

For oral use. It is recommended to take the preparation at a dose of 1 kaps./24h.