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VITAMIN K2 MK7, vitamin K2 from natto, vitamin B12, resveratrol

APO Team GmbH

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VITAMIN K2 MK7, vitamin K2 from natto, vitamin B12 & resveratrol vegi capsules

Dietary supplement with vitamin K2 from natto, vitamin B12 & resveratrol 

Natural vitamin K2
When developing this product, we chose the natural compound MenaQ7 as a vitamin K2 supplier: our vitamin K2 is obtained from the traditional Japanese food natto, which contains significant amounts of MenaQ7 through the fermentation of soybeans. This compound is well utilized by the human organism
and provides you with this important vital substance! Vitamin K is important for your physical condition as it helps maintain normal bones and normal blood clotting

Methylcobalamin for your vitamin B12
We have used the biologically active coenzyme of B12 in the form of methylcobalamin for our vegi capsules. It does not have to be converted by the human body and is therefore optimally offered for metabolism!

Grape seed flour and knotweed extract
Our product development has come up with something very special for you: Instead of synthetic fillers, we use natural grape seed flour to optimize our recipes in line with our company philosophy!

Our knotweed extract contains the interesting secondary plant substance resveratrol. This compound is produced by the plant to protect against infections and harmful environmental influences, such as UV radiation and harsh climatic conditions.

 Take 2 capsules daily without chewing with a meal.

Vitamin K contributes:
- to normal blood clotting
- to the maintenance of normal bones


nutrient as a daily dose % of the reference amount for daily intake
Vitamin K2 MK-7 45 mcg 60%
Vitamin B12 10 mcg 400%
Resveratr 10 mg  -