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Laboratory chemical analysis of the micronutrients Cu, Mg, Mn, Mo, Se, Zn, folic acid, biotin, ferritin, thiols, TSH in the blood.

Like any body tissue, hair also needs specific amino acids and micronutrients that are essential for healthy hair growth. Inadequate health care status is often the cause of diffuse hair loss, especially in women. Iron, copper, zinc and iodine are particularly important for healthy hair growth. In addition, other micronutrients are required for hair growth, which, for example, as a component of enzymes, ensure cell division and structure.

Unfavorable living conditions mean that many people have sensitive gaps in their supply of these micronutrients. The present laboratory test can help to uncover these deficits and enable a targeted, needs-based substitution of hair-specific components. It is certainly one of the most effective and physiological measures to help hair regain healthy growth.

How does the order process work?
After you have placed your order, we will send you the desired test package with detailed instructions.

Caution! Please note that for this test you will have to have blood drawn from a doctor or therapist. The doctor / therapist will then use a prepared invoice included in the test set to settle the costs of the blood sample directly with us. The samples are then sent back to us with an enclosed, already prepaid shipping bag. The results will be sent to your address after the evaluation or can be accessed on this page.

The test set includes:
• 1 sample collection guide
• 1 sample slip
• 1 guarantee
certificate • 1 conciliar's certificate
• 1 heparin tube
• 1 EDTA tube
• 1 serum tube
• 1 Butterfl y blood collection system
• 1 blood collection adapter
• 3 shipping containers
• 1 blue shipping bag

We would like to point out that reimbursement by private health insurance is not always guaranteed for this test. Therefore, please clarify with your health insurance company whether the benefits will be reimbursed.