VITIX gel 50ml.

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VITIX gel. Depigmentation regulating gel

VITIX gel Indications:

vitiligo; other conditions of depigmentation

Mode of action VITIX gel :

VITIX gel helps to restore the normal level of melanin in vitiligo cells and to limit the development of the disease. Thanks to a unique active ingredient, VITIX gel has a completely new mode of action, which leads to the restoration of the physiological balance of free radicals at the level of epidermal cells (melanocytes and keratinocytes).

A way of use VITIX gel :

Vitix gel is applied twice a day on the affected areas, as well as 1-2 cm from the area around them. The active ingredient is released during the application of the gel, thanks to the pressure of the fingers and the temperature of the skin.

Composition VITIX gel :

Water, propylene glycol, hydroxypropyltrimonium maltodextrin crosspolymer, melon extract, carbomer, acrylates.

Manufacturer: France