VITREOLIT 30 capsules, healthy eyes

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VITREOLIT is a food supplement for healthy eyes. It has a beneficial effect on good eyesight.


VITREOLIT is a specially developed combination of collagen, coenzyme Q10, amino acids, hyaluronic acid and resveratrol.

The product provides effective support for maintaining optimal vision.

VITREOLIT Composition:

Coenzyme Q10 - 10 mg;

Resveratrol - 10 mg;

L - proline - 20 mg;

L - glycine - 20 mg;

Vitamin C - 90 mg;

Hyaluronic acid - 40 mg;

Collagen - 247.5 mg.

VITREOLIT Dosage and application:

1 capsule daily.

It is recommended to take the product for 3-6 months for optimal effect.

Do not exceed the recommended daily dose

It is not a substitute for a varied diet.