VITRUM D3 FORTE x 60 capsules


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  • VITRUM D3 Forte is a dietary supplement that provides the body with vitamin D3. It promotes the absorption of calcium and phosphorus, strengthens bone tissue and dental and exhibits immunostimulatory properties.

oil, safflower Vitamin D3 50 mcg in 1 capsule. (2000 j).

Dietary supplement is a rich source of vitamin D, which the body completes the deficits. This makes it possible to maintain bone and teeth in good condition at a later age. In addition, vitamin D assists absorption of calcium and phosphorus from food and regulates the level of calcium. A suitable level in the body prevents rickets, osteomalacia and osteoporosis, but also diabetes, cancer, autoimmune disorders and cardiovascular disorders. It stimulates the body's natural defenses.

It is recommended to take the preparation to supplement the body's vitamin D levels, especially indicated in the case of weakened immunity, osteoporosis and disorders of calcium and phosphorus absorption.

For oral use. It is recommended to administer 1 kaps./24h.