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VITTER PURE Glucosamine MAX 56g / 30 servings


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  • Dietary supplement Vitter Pure Glucosamine Max contains in the recommended daily dose up to 1000mg of glucosamine sulphate. This ingredient is of natural origin (from fish). Additionally, the formula is supplemented with vitamin C, citrus bioflavonoids and inulin.

Ingredients of Vitter Pure Glucosamine Max:

Glucosamine sulphate from fish; bitter orange extract; inulin; lemon flavor; L-ascorbic acid (vitamin C); acidity regulator: malic acid; sweetener: steviol glycosides. Contains a sweetener, ie steviol glycosides obtained from stevia leaves.

The content of the ingredients in the recommended daily dose (one measure): inulin - 118mg, glucosamine sulphate - 1000mg, vitamin C - 80mg (100% of reference intake), bitter orange extract - 532mg, including: citrus bioflavonoids - 319mg.

Operation of Vitter Pure Glucosamine Max:

Glucosamine sulphate is a naturally occurring substance in the synovial fluid. The dietary supplement Vitter Pure Glucosamine Max uses natural glucosamine sulphate derived from fish. In addition, the preparation contains vitamin C, which supports the correct production of collagen, and this supports the maintenance of properly functioning bones and joints. The supplement also includes inulin and citrus bioflavonoids.

Dietary supplement Vitter Pure Glucosamine Max intended for use as a supplement to the daily diet in the glucosamine sulphate, vitamin C and citrus bioflavonoids.

Additional information: The
dietary supplement can not be used as a substitute, which is a substitute for a varied diet. Maintaining a balanced way of eating and a healthy lifestyle is very important. Keep the product out of reach of children at room temperature. It is recommended to protect against moisture and light. The package contains 30 servings. The product does not contain gluten, added sugar and synthetic fillers.

Do not use in the case of hypersensitivity to any component of the dietary supplement.

How to use Vitter Pure Glucosamine Max powder:

Recommended daily serving: one measure (included in the package). Recipe for a cocktail that supports active joints: mix one measure of the supplement with a handful of kale, half a banana, a pineapple patch and one orange. Drink immediately after preparation. First wash and peel fruits and vegetables thoroughly. Do not exceed recommended servings for consumption during the day.

Net weight: 56g.