VivaChek Ino blood glucose meter x 1 item

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VivaChek Ino blood glucose meter x 1 item


The modern VivaChek Ino glucometer measures the glucose concentration in a sample of fresh capillary blood, the device has been calibrated to plasma. The meter is easy to use, therefore it is recommended for self-monitoring at home.

Included VivaChek Ino glucometer:

Viva Ino glucometer, test strips - 10 pcs, lancing device, sterile lancets - 10 pcs, pocket instruction manual, protective case, control fluid, medium glucose concentration, CR2032 3.0 V batteries - 2 pcs, warranty card, self-monitoring diary, user manual.

Operation of the VivaChek Ino glucometer:

The VivaChek Ino glucometer is based on the VivaChek Ino system, which has been designed to measure glucose in fresh capillary blood. Importantly, it was calibrated to plasma. The result of the measurement is given on the basis of the measurement of the electric current that is generated by the reaction of glucose with the enzyme located on the test strip electrode. The right amount of blood sample is sucked in for the test strip (capillary effect is used). The glucose in the sample reacts with the glucose enzyme (from the test) and generates electrons (generates the right amount of glucose for the concentration) - then the device displays the result. The VivaChek Ino meter is easy to use, thanks to the numerous functions it is equipped with, e.g. backlit display, average function (results from 7,

The VivaChek Ino glucometer is intended for in-vitro control of people with diabetes. For use in home self control or for professional use in healthcare facilities.

Additional information:
The product should be stored out of reach of children at room temperature. It is recommended to protect against moisture and light. The device should not be used to diagnose diabetes.

Technical data:
Technology - electrochemical biological sensor. Measuring range: 10-600mg / dL (0.6-33,3mmol / L), calibration: calibrated to plasma; blood sample type: fresh whole capillary blood; sample volume: 0.5ul; measurement time: 5 seconds. Memory: 900 measurements (with date and time). Working conditions: temperature: 5-45st. C / humidity: 10-90%. Enzyme - glucose oxidase; without coding; calibration result - plasma equivalent. Hematocrit range: 20-70%. Battery: 2 x CR-2032 (flat battery). Battery life: 12 months or approximately 1000 tests. Device size: 82.5mm x 52mm x 18.2mm. Weight: 47g (with battery). Data exchange port: Micro USB.

How to use the VivaChek Ino glucometer:

Read the operating instructions before use. Use according to the manufacturer's instructions. Performing the measurement: insert the strip into the device, put a drop of blood (the meter will suck in the right amount), read the result (the device will turn off automatically after a few minutes).