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VIVIDRIN azelastine 1 mg nasal spray

Dr. Gerhard Mann

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Vividrin ® azelastine 1 mg / ml nasal spray, solution


Pack size:10 ml Dosage form:Nasal spray

Active ingredient: azelastine hydrochloride Areas of application: For the symptomatic treatment of hay fever (seasonal allergic rhinitis) and acute relapses (exacerbations) year-round allergic rhinitis in adults, adolescents and children from 6 years of age. Warnings: Keep medicines out of the reach of children. 

For nasal spray information on risks and side effects, read the package insert and ask your doctor or pharmacist.

Dr. Gerhard Mann chem.- pharm. Fabrik GmbH, Brunsbütteler Damm 165-173, 13581 Berlin.

Help with acute hay fever complaints
Around 13 million people in Germany suffer from hay fever 1that is triggered either seasonally by pollen or year-round by, for example, house dust or animal hair. Typical symptoms are strong urge to sneeze and a blocked or runny nose. Vividrin ® Azelastine nasal spray has a fast and reliable effect on severe, acute complaints of the nose. The well-tolerated drug with the proven active ingredient azelastine is suitable for the symptomatic treatment of both seasonal allergic rhinitis and acute relapses of non-seasonal allergic rhinitis.

Product VIVIDRIN azelastine 1 mg nasal spray at a glance


  • Rapid inhibition of acute symptoms
  • Works for up to 24 hours when used twice a day
  • Extra protection through 3-fold mechanism of action 2
  • For adults and children 3

Current status of the spread of allergies in Germany Position paper of the Environmental Medicine Commission at the RKI, 2016 Bergmann et al.
2 Acute (H1 blocker) + mast cell stabilizing + anti-inflammatory, according to the technical information Vividrin ® Azelastine 1 mg / ml nasal spray, solution, as of June 2018

With 3-fold effect
Upon contact with allergens, the body's own defense cells increasingly release the inflammatory messenger substance histamine and thus trigger an immune reaction. The well-tolerated active ingredient azelastine has a threefold effect against bothersome symptoms: it inhibits the histamine receptors and thereby reduces typical symptoms such as the urge to sneeze or a tingling nose. In addition, the immune cells are stabilized and the release of histamine is reduced. In addition, azelastine has an anti-inflammatory effect.

RECOMMENDED VIVIDRIN azelastine 1 mg nasal spray USE:

The recommended dose for adults and children from 6 years of age is 1 spray in each nostril twice a day.
Blow your nose and remove the protective cap. Before using for the first time, pump several times until an even spray mist occurs. With your head upright, apply 1 spray of Vividrin ® azelastine nasal spray into each nostril. Do not tilt your head back.
Then wipe off the pumping device and put on the protective cap. If the nasal spray has not been used for more than 6 days, the dosing pump must be activated again by operating the pump mechanism several times until a fine spray mist emerges.

Hypersensitivity to grass and flower pollen often triggers a strong urge to sneeze and a tingling, runny or blocked nose. Vividrin ®Azelastine nasal spray can provide quick and long-lasting relief for severe acute symptoms.

Countless triggers make the sensitive nasal mucous membrane difficult to cope with: allergies to animal hair, house dust mites or mold spores cause unpleasant complaints. An antiallergic agent such as Vividrin ® Azelastine nasal spray works reliably against the symptoms of the allergy while at the same time being well tolerated.

Children and adolescents are just as often affected by an allergic runny nose. Due to its good tolerance and quick effect, Vividrin ® Azelastine nasal spray is suitable for children from 6 years of age.

FREQUENT QUESTIONS VIVIDRIN azelastine 1 mg nasal spray & ANSWERS

How long does the Vividrin ® Azelastine nasal spray keep ?
You will find information on the expiry date on the bottle and outer packaging. Once opened, the nasal spray must not be used for more than 6 months. Please always keep Vividrin ® Azelastine nasal spray out of the reach of children and do not store the medicine in the refrigerator or at temperatures above 30 ° C.

What can happen if hay fever is not treated?
If severe hay fever symptoms such as a strong sneeze, a runny or blocked nose or conjunctivitis are ignored, there is a risk that the allergy will spread to the lower respiratory tract and cause allergic asthma. In this case one speaks of a so-called floor change.

What is the likelihood that children of allergy sufferers also suffer from hay fever?
A genetic predisposition increases the risk of allergies for children. It is between 60 and 80 percent if both parents are affected by the same form of allergy and 50 to 60 percent if the mother and father have different forms of allergy. If only one parent suffers from an allergy, the allergy risk is 20 percent.