VIVIDRIN ectoin MDO allergic conjunctivitis eye drops

Dr. Gerhard Mann

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VIVIDRIN ectoin MDO allergic conjunctivitis eye drops

Pack size:1X10 ml Dosage form:eye drop

The natural solution for allergic and irritated eyes
Vividrin ® ectoin ® MDO ® is an isotonic solution and can be used for supportive treatment and to prevent symptoms of allergic conjunctivitis caused by animal hair, house dust mites or mold allergies. Itchy, irritated, red or watery eyes are effectively relieved. Vividrin ® ectoin ® MDO ® is also suitable for moistening the eyes and for long-term users.

Product VIVIDRIN ectoin MDO allergic conjunctivitis eye drops at a glance:

  • Very well tolerated
  • Without preservatives and buffer-free
  • Suitable for pregnant and breastfeeding women
  • Suitable for contact lens wearers and sensitive eyes
  • Suitable for long-term users

Effective help with allergic conjunctivitis
Vividrin ® ectoin ® MDO ® with the natural ingredients ectoin and hyaluronic acid quickly and effectively relieves the symptoms of seasonal or year-round conjunctivitis. Ectoin is a natural, cell-protecting molecule with anti-inflammatory properties that naturally soothes and moisturizes irritated and allergic eyes.

APPLICATION VIVIDRIN ectoin MDO allergic conjunctivitis eye drops RECOMMENDATION:
Remove the protective cap from the top of the bottle before each use. Be careful not to touch the drip tip with your fingers. Place your thumb on the ergonomic thumb rest and hold the bottom of the bottle with your other fingers. You should place two fingers at the bottom of the bottle.

Turn the bottle upside down and hold it as shown in Figure 3. When using the pump for the first time, a few pumping movements are necessary. To do this, press the thumb rest down about seven times until the first drop appears.

Tilt your head back a little to instill the drop and hold the bottle vertically above your eye. Using one finger of your free hand, gently pull your lower eyelid downward. Gently press the thumb rest to place a drop in the eye. Then close your eye, move it slightly to the right and left and blink in order to distribute the drop optimally on the surface of the eye. If you want, you can use the other hand for assistance and better accuracy in the instillation. Be careful not to let the drip tip come into contact with your eyes or fingers to avoid possible contamination of the solution. Put the bottle cap back on the bottle tip immediately after each use.

Allergic conjunctivitis is not uncommon. It is estimated that around 25% of the population is affected at least once in a lifetime. Vividrin ® ectoin ® MDO ® provides relief and thus helps to restore performance and well-being in work and leisure.

CONTACT LENS WEARERS Vividrin ® ectoin ® MDO ® eye drops with the natural ingredients ectoin and hyaluronic acid are also suitable for people with sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers. The eye drops can be used directly while wearing contact lens wearers.

Even during pregnancy and the subsequent breastfeeding period, we are not spared from allergic influences. Itchy, irritated, red and watery eyes are an additional burden in the case of pregnancy. Vividrin ® ectoin ® MDO ® can be used safely during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

How is Vividrin ® ectoin ® MDO ® allergic conjunctivitis eye drops stored?
Vividrin ® ectoin ® MDO ® should be stored at 2–25 ° C and out of the reach of children.

How long can I use the opened dropper bottle?
Vividrin ® ectoin ® MDO ® can be used for 6 months after opening. For reasons of hygiene, however, the dropper bottle should only be used by one person.

Do I have to pay attention to anything if I use other eye products?
There are no known interactions between Vividrin ® ectoin ® MDO ® and other eye drops or preparations applied locally to the eye. Wait after using Vividrin ® ectoin ® MDO ®at least 15 minutes before using any other medical device or medicine on the eye.

Vividrin ® ectoin ® MDO ® allergic conjunctivitis eye drops: Manufacturer: Dr. Gerhard Mann, chem.-pharm. Fabrik GmbH, the manufacturer.
Distributed by: Dr. Gerhard Mann chem.-pharm. Fabrik GmbH, Brunsbütteler Damm 165-173, 13581 Berlin