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VIVIDRIN iso EDO antiallergic eye drops

Dr. Gerhard Mann

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Vividrin ® iso EDO ® antiallergic eye drops


Pack size:30X0.5 ml Dosage form:eye drop

Active ingredient: Sodium cromoglicate (Ph.Eur.) Areas of application: Allergic, acute and chronic conjunctivitis (conjunctivitis), eg hay fever or spring catarrh ([Kerato] vernal conjunctivitis). Warnings: Keep medicines out of the reach of children. Pharmacy only.

For VIVIDRIN iso EDO information on risks and side effects, read the package insert and ask your doctor or pharmacist.

Dr. Gerhard Mann chem.-pharm. Fabrik GmbH, Brunsbütteler Damm 165/173, 13581 Berlin.

Our gentle solution for allergic complaints
Vividrin ® iso EDO ®in practical one-dose ophtiols are a gentle solution for allergic, acute and chronic conjunctivitis. The active ingredient sodium cromoglicate helps to quickly and reliably relieve typical symptoms of allergically irritated eyes such as redness, itching, eyelid swelling, sensitivity to light or increased tearing.

Product VIVIDRIN iso EDO antiallergic eye drops at a glance:

  • Well tolerated
  • Without preservative substances
  • Immediately ready for use and individually dosed
  • For children and adults
  • Also suitable for long-term use
  • Suitable for pregnant and breastfeeding women1

1 Cromoglicic acid: 
Active ingredient cromoglicinsic acid
The active ingredient sodium cromoglicate contained in Vividrin ® iso EDO ® is used, among other things, to treat allergic reactions and to alleviate the symptoms of allergic conjunctivitis. The antiallergic drug inhibits the release of inflammatory mediators, such as. B. histamine and leukotrienes.

Carefully separate 1 single-dose ophthalmic product from the strip. Twist (do not pull) off the cap. Tilt your head back slightly. With one finger of your free hand, gently pull the lower eyelid downward. Hold the one-dose ophthalmic tube vertically over the open eye. Avoid touching the surface of your eye with the drip tip to prevent possible injury and damage to the eye. Gently squeeze the one-dose ophthalmic and put 1 drop in each eye. Close your eye, move it slightly to the right and left and blink to distribute the drop well on the surface of the eye.

Remove contact lenses before dropping and insert them again after 15 minutes.

It is estimated that around 25% of the population will experience allergic conjunctivitis at least once in a lifetime. Vividrin ® iso EDO ® provides rapid symptom relief and brings back wellbeing.

House dust, animal or mold allergies can impair the quality of life. Vividrin ® iso EDO ® is easy and convenient to use and provides rapid irritation relief even in the case of chronic allergies.

Vividrin ® iso EDO ® because of its good tolerance and quick action Also suitable for children and helps to keep school and sports fun by relieving the debilitating allergic symptoms.

Many substances that get into the conjunctiva of the eye and trigger an allergic reaction are airborne allergens such as pollen or animal hair. Other triggers can, however, also be cosmetics.

How does Vividrin ® iso EDO ® work ?
The one in Vividrin ® iso EDO ®The active ingredient sodium cromoglicate has a mast cell stabilizing effect, whereby after contact with allergens (pollen, animal hair, etc.) the degranulation of mast cells and thus the release of various inflammatory mediators such as histamine or leukotrienes is inhibited.

Is Vividrin ® iso EDO ® also suitable for contact lens wearers?
Vividrin ® iso EDO ®is also suitable for contact lens wearers. Insofar as the attending physician allows them to be worn, both soft and hard contact lenses should be removed before the drops and should not be reinserted until 15 minutes after use. In the event of inflammation and allergic conjunctivitis, consult your ophthalmologist whether it is advisable to wear contact lenses despite symptoms.

How long can Vividrin ® iso EDO ® be used?
The duration of use of Vividrin ® iso EDO ® is not limited. After the symptoms have been resolved, continue to use it for at least as long as you are exposed to the allergens.
When you use Vividrin ®If you want to use iso EDO ® antiallergic eye drops for a longer period of time, you should have a doctor determine the need for treatment.
Vividrin ® iso EDO ® does not contain any preservatives and is therefore intended for single use.