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VIVIDRIN Mometasone furoate hay fever nasal spray

Dr. Gerhard Mann

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Vividrin ® Mometason hay fever nasal spray 50 micrograms / spray nasal spray, suspension

Active ingredient: Mometasone furoate (Ph. Eur.).

Indications for use:
In adults for the treatment of the symptoms of hay fever (seasonal allergic rhinitis), provided that the initial diagnosis of hay fever was made by a doctor. Warnings: Contains benzalkonium chloride.
Note leaflet. Store drug out of reach of children.

For VIVIDRIN Mometasone furoate hay fever nasal spray information on risks and side effects, read the package insert and ask your doctor or pharmacist.
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Vividrin ® Mometason
Hay fever nasal spray
50 micrograms /
spray nasal spray, suspension

Powerful help when nothing works
Serious, persistent allergic complaints of the nose require an efficient remedy: One of the most effective medicinal substances in the treatment of severe hay fever is mometasone fuorate.
Thanks to its proven active ingredient, Vividrin Mometason hay fever nasal spray effectively helps adults over 18 years of age with an initial diagnosis of seasonal allergic rhinitis throughout the entire allergy season.

Active ingredient mometasone furoate

Mometasone furoate belongs to the class of glucocorticoids and has anti-inflammatory and antiallergic properties. It is assumed that its strong effect is based on the inhibited release of allergic messenger substances (e.g. leukotrienes) from white blood cells. Due to the local application, the nasal spray does not put additional strain on the body, neither makes you tired nor dependent and is therefore particularly well tolerated.

Product VIVIDRIN Mometasone furoate hay fever nasal spray at a glance

• Particularly effective for severe allergy symptoms
• Does not make you tired or dependent
• Very well tolerated
• For adults from 18 years of age after initial medical diagnosis
• Primarily local effect in the nose 2

1 Vividrin ®Mometason hay fever nasal spray should not be used continuously for more than three months without medical advice.
2 Bielory L et al. Impact of mometasone furoate nasal spray on individual ocular symptoms of allergic rhinitis: a meta-analysis. Allergy 2011; 66: 685-693.

RECOMMENDED VIVIDRIN Mometasone furoate hay fever nasal spray USE:
Use Vividrin ®Mometason nasal spray for seasonal hay fever symptoms at the beginning 1 x daily with 2 sprays per nostril. Once symptoms are relieved and under control, the dose can be reduced to 1 spray per nostril once a day. Before using the nasal spray for the first time, shake it well and operate the dosing pump approx. 10 times (until an even spray is emitted). If the pump has not been used for 14 days or more, it must be primed again by pumping twice before the next use until a uniform spray mist is emitted.
The nasal spray must be shaken well before each use. The bottle should be discarded after the specified number of sprays or 2 months after first opening.

Image 1: Gently shake the bottle and remove the protective cap from the nosepiece.

Photo 2: Close one nostril and insert the nosepiece into the other nostril as shown. Tilt your head forward slightly and hold the bottle upright. Begin to breathe in gently through your nose and, as you breathe in, spray a puff of fine mist into your nose by pressing down once with your fingers. Breathe out through your mouth. Repeat this step to give a second puff into the same nostril if necessary.

Photo 3: Repeat these steps for the application for the other nostril. 


Hypersensitivity to grass and bee pollen often triggers a strong urge to sneeze and a tingling, runny or blocked nose. Vividrin Mometason nasal spray can work within 12 hours in the case of severe symptoms.

ALLERGIES When the allergy season begins, allergy sufferers struggle with pronounced allergic symptoms, including recurring problems. Countless triggers make the sensitive nasal mucous membrane difficult to cope with: allergies to animal hair, dust mites or mold spores cause unpleasant complaints. An antiallergic such as Vividrin Mometason nasal spray works reliably against the symptoms of the allergy while at the same time being well tolerated. 


As a local form of therapy, the nasal spray is well tolerated as it neither makes you tired nor dependent, and specifically alleviates pronounced allergic symptoms in the nose - throughout the entire allergy season 1 . It offers adults from 18 years of age with an initial medical diagnosis powerful help when nothing works anymore.

FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS VIVIDRIN Mometasone furoate hay fever nasal spray & ANSWERS

What is Vividrin ® Mometason hay fever nasal spray ? Vividrin ® Mometason hay fever nasal spray contains mometasone furoate, a substance from the group of so-called corticosteroids. When mometasone furoate is sprayed into the nose it can help relieve allergic inflammation (swelling and irritation of the nose), sneezing, itching, and a blocked or runny nose.

What is Vividrin ® Mometason hay fever nasal spray used for?
Vividrin ® Mometason hay fever nasal spray is used to treat the symptoms of hay fever (seasonal allergic rhinitis) in adults, provided the initial diagnosis of hay fever has been made by a doctor.
Hay fever, which occurs at certain times of the year, is an allergic reaction caused by inhaling pollen from trees, grasses and also mold and fungal spores. Vividrin ® Mometason hay fever nasal spray reduces the swelling and irritation in your nose, thereby relieving sneezing, itching and a blocked or runny nose caused by hay fever.

How long does it take for the symptoms to subside?
In some patients, Vividrin ® Mometason hay fever nasal spray begins to relieve symptoms within 12 hours of the first dose. However, you may not see the full benefit of the treatment in the first two days. Therefore, you should continue regular treatment to get the full benefit from the treatment.