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The code of healthy children's eyes

- Reliable support for children's vision.

- Protects from the harmful effects of the environment (photooxidative stress).

- Extremely useful for children who use a computer, tablet, smart phone every day

What is VIZICOD?

Specially created food supplement for children over 3 years with a liquid form and a pleasant fruity taste.

The main active ingredient is the special complex Lutemax®2020 - a balanced combination of lutein and increased levels of zeaxanthin. These are the so-called macular carotenoids, which are deposited in the macula - a small area of ​​the retina of the eye, responsible for visual acuity and good vision in detail. The macula is both the most important for visual efficiency, but also the most susceptible to damage due to photooxidative stress.

The human body cannot synthesize lutein and zeaxanthin, so they must be obtained through appropriate food sources. It is important that the diet provides both carotenoids, as their action is complementary. Lutein is deposited mainly in the periphery of the macula, and zeaxanthin - in its center, thus providing reliable and complete protection of vision against the harmful effects of the environment. It is definitely established that the so-called Macular carotenoids lutein and zeaxanthin are powerful antioxidants that protect vision from the photooxidant effects of UV radiation and high-energy blue light.

Regular intake of lutein and zeaxanthin is essential to maintain eye health from sunlight, artificial lighting and blue light emitted from television screens, computer monitors and displays on mobile digital devices.

Lutemax®2020 contains premium lutein and two isomers of zeaxanthin, derived from the plant Tagetes erecta, popularly known as turta or African calendula. The active ingredients are combined in the exact ratio in which they are found in natural food sources, and innovative technologies ensure their stability until fully absorbed by the body.

In 5ml (mg)% NRV *


Lutein content min. 20% 10

Zeaxanthin content min. 4% 2

Vitamin A 0.16 20%

Vitamin E 2.4 20%

* Daily reference value